How You Can Get a Real Estate License in California

Do you have an interest in the real estate business? If you have, you must keep in mind some essential things. But most importantly, you will need a license to sell the building. In California, the licensing process for obtaining real estate licenses can be completed relatively quickly. But for that, you need to see some necessary information. We will now try to present all that information.


License requirements

The most important thing to apply for a California real estate license is age. You can never apply for a license if you are under 18. So you have to confirm the age first.

Although you can be a resident of the state, there is no need for housing. Also, you will get a testing process for non-residents. If you are 18 years old, you must complete the three college-level courses in real estate in at least 45 hours.

You can complete the coursework online or take the class in person. You need to take two required courses and an alternative course. So, here are the courses:


Real Estate Principal

  • Real estate practice


You have several options for optional courses, including:


Property management


Real Estate Finance

  • Real estate legal aspects

Business law

  • General accounting


You will also find some variants from which you can easily choose the alternative course. A final exam will be taken after you finish each course. After passing all of the final exams, you will receive a course completion certificate from the academy.


License application

You will be eligible to apply for a license when your California real estate course is certified. When you apply, you apply for a date, time, and location to take the state license exam. You must choose two separate tests:


Salesperson Examination Application

Salesperson Examination / License Application


You must submit a copy of the course completion certificate and a $ 150 refundable fee. You have to pay this fee to the real estate bureau. Since cash is not acceptable, you will need to pay by check, money order, or credit card.

When your application process begins, they will notify you of the test’s date, time, and location. After submitting your application to the BRE, it will take you two years to pass the licensing exam.

When you take a combination sales test and license application, you need to scan your fingerprints. It will cost about $ 49, and the fee is $ 245 because it’s not just for your license and not to test the seller. So, you have to be honest to apply because if you are convicted of a crime or fail to disclose criminal activity, it cannot be approved.

Non-residents will have the same educational requirements, and the application process will be the same. Once you are approved and get a state real estate license, you can start your career as a real estate agent.

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